Is $67 CreateStudio Worth It Or A Waste Of Money?

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Choosing the right software or tools can be frustrating sometimes.

Some of them can be a waste of money if you don’t do proper research before buying one. 

So, is spending $67 on CreateStudio really worth it? The short and simple answer is, “Yes! Absolutely.” 

But that’s probably not the only thing you’re looking for.

So, to satisfy your curiosity and give you a better argument, I have explained all the important reasons why CreateStudio is worth every penny.

CreateStudio’s new updated version is called CreateStudio Pro, and now it has more power, more assets, and of course, more features.

As a motion graphic designer, I have used more than 30 animation tools and software—very few of them are good ones.

I’ve been using CreateStudio for more than a year now and created more than a hundred animated videos for my clients.

In this article, you’ll get to know why is CreateStudio worth every penny.

You’ll be able to decide if this software is the right one or not to invest in after reading this, and why am I recommending it?

Let’s find that out.

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Why Is CreateStudio Not A Waste Of Money?

CreateStudio has been the center of attention in the easy animation-making software industry for a while.

People who have been using it want to stick to it. And those who haven’t tried it yet want to get their hands on it.

CreateStudio does not offer free trials or free downloads. Even if there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, many people have second thoughts.

They feel skeptical about it because you have to pay the money first to try it. I felt the same when I made the payment to try it.

Is it really worth it? Let’s dive a little deeper.

There are a few things I don’t like about CreateStudio and need some improvement. However, it’s my favorite easy animation-making software on the market.

I’m currently using it to create animated videos for my clients while I’m writing this.

I’ll be using it until any better software comes out on the market.

After using the software for more than a year, here are my honest nine main reasons why CreateStudio is worth every penny.

1. It’s For Everyone

From professionals to beginners, it is for everyone.

One of the best things about CreateStudio is that it is incredibly versatile, and anyone can use it. You can make almost all kinds of video content using it.

It makes it easy to create animated video ads, attractive e-commerce videos, interactive promo and sales videos, etc.

You can also make social media post videos, animated Instagram stories, animated Tiktok ads, doodling videos, explainer videos, business videos for local marketing, 3D animations, etc.

So, whether you are an online marketer, an agency owner, a business owner, or an animator, you can create almost any videos you need using this software.

It’s way more flexible than other competitors in the market. For example, you can import your own images, video, or audio files and use them the way you want.

Other competitor software doesn’t have this flexibility.

2. It Has a lot of Features that you will Love 

You will find so many useful features on CreateStudio that other softwares don’t have.

From an easy drag and drop interface to animation presets and motion builders. You can export videos in multiple different formats, including 4K. 

CreateStudio supports all kinds of files given below

  • Videos: .mkv, .avi, .mp4, .flv, .mob, .webm, .mts
  • Images: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .svg
  • Audio: .mp3, .wav, .ogg, .m4a, .flac 

It has a library of preset animations from where you can choose any animation style you want.

You can simply click on any of these presets and animate your character in just a second instead of spending hours animating manually.

Using a motion builder, you can create incredible videos by dragging and dropping different assets and scenes. 

Similarly, you can also choose from a variety of pre-made elements for your videos.

Pre-made characters are also available, so you can get started with creating your explainer videos without having to make an animated character yourself.

You can choose from many unique special effects, customise them, and apply them to your video to take it up a notch.

Advanced emojis, green screen, voice-overs, text-to-video, text overlays, and custom animations are a few other incredibly time-saving features in the software. 

You can also create whiteboard animated videos in the same software.

You don’t have to buy separate tools like Doodly, VideoScribe, etc. and spend more money to create whiteboard animated videos.

3. It’s User-Friendly

While most traditional video-creating software takes some time to get used to, CreateStudio makes video creation easier for everyone.

The interface is suitable for beginners and professionals, meaning that anyone can use it regardless of their prior experience level.

Small brands and business owners can employ it in their marketing strategies without building an entire team of video creators.

Similarly, students from any field of study can use it to create their presentations, virtual assignments, and projects.

They don’t necessarily have to be tech-savvy to use CreateStudio.

Youtubers and Instagrammers often want to create outstanding content for their blogs, online businesses, and public platforms.

They, too, can use CreateStudio for high-quality content that engages the audiences and catches their attention.

They don’t have to have a tech background or attend a lengthy training program to use the software easily.

4. It’s Fast And Efficient

You don’t need a high-performance desktop or laptop to use CreateStudio.

I’ve never faced any critical issue regarding its speed and performance because it’s very light and fast software.

The Starter Guide of this software is very straightforward and simple for both Mac and Windows.

Since it’s not a cloud-based software, you can use it even if there’s no internet connection.

You can download and install the software within minutes and start creating your videos and download them easily.

Unlike those professional animation softwares, you can create animated videos of similar quality much faster and easier with CreateStudio.

However, those softwares are more flexible and expensive too. Since the interface is very user-friendly, it only takes you a short while to get the hang of it.

Once you get comfortable with the platform, creating animated videos takes very little time.

After you’re done creating a video, you don’t have to download it like those cloud-based software.

You just have to export the file to your desired folder, and it’s done.

You can make the changes on the video and export it unlimited times, unlike those cloud-based softwares where you get a limited number of exports in a month.

5. It’s Reliable

Some tools and software can be expensive but have issues like bugs and uncertainty.

Users have concerns that such platforms might stop working one day, they might lose their data thanks to a glitch in the system, or it could just stop working, and their money would go down the drain.

With CreateStudio, consumers are satisfied because of the privacy and security terms and conditions.

It is a reliable software that people have trusted for a long time and has a good reputation in the market.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about losing your data or your money. 

6. It’s Effective

The most significant reason people often don’t want to invest in a tool or software is, “Will I get anything back?”

The good thing about CreateStudio is that if you use it properly and create top-notch content, it’s effective.

The money will come back to you in the form of sales, paid projects, business collaborations, and increased audiences.

Other CreateStudio users continuously talk about how high-quality content has helped them get better business.

This way, they’ve found it to be incredibly effective and worth every penny. 

7. Premium Design Quality

As a designer, I take the quality of the design very seriously.

Bad designs are one of my biggest turnoffs, and this is one of the main reasons I like CreateStudio and recommend everyone.

The characters and other assets in it are beautifully designed. The videos look very professional and premium.

8. Good Customer Support

It’s very frustrating if the customer service of a software or any products is not good. CreateStudio’s customer service is one of the best among its competitors.

When I was making the payment for it, I made the payment for the wrong plan by mistake.

When I contacted their customer service and explained my issue, it got resolved in less than 24 hours. They refunded my money without any problem.

I love CreateStudio’s Facebook group.

People share their works and discuss everything about the software there. The community is very welcoming and helpful.

They’ll try to help you if you face any issues in animating using the software.

It also has a dedicated YouTube channel where you can find all the updates and tutorial videos.

I find this channel really helpful and useful. They show you and explain all the updates on the software in detail in the YouTube videos.

9. Simple Pricing Structure

Pricing structure of CreateStudio Pro

I like CreateStudio’s pricing structure. It’s affordable, simple, and straightforward, unlike other software.

It offers two pricing options $199 per year and $349 per year

The best part of CreateStudio is that there’s also a one-time payment offer, where you can pay just $67 for a lifetime.

You can take advantage of this offer only if you use this affiliate link. Now, you’ll get full excess to it without paying monthly or annually. 

Final Verdict

CreateStudio is worth it because it has helped me improve the quality of my animation and saved a good amount of time.

It increased my productivity by about five times. I definitely get what I pay for.

If you’re a content creator or a marketer, the quality of your content is what gets you business.

The more you invest, the more you get out of it. If you’re looking to take your content creation skills up a notch, CreateStudio will not let you down.

It’s got great features, and if you don’t like the software after using it, you can get your money back thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

This way, it’s safe and totally worth it!

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