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The Verdict

Invideo and Canva are two very different softwares. It will not do justice if I say Invideo is better than Canva or vise-versa because it depends on your requirements.

They are very powerful in their own way. That is because one was created only to make videos, and the other was designed to make more than just videos.

If your requirement is just videos, then Invideo is the right one for you, and if you want to create more than just videos, then Canva is the best one out there.

Canva is one of the most popular software. It is well known for designing graphics, presentations, logos, and more. It allows you to create videos easily and quickly as well.

It is always better to choose Canva if you need to create more than just videos.

You’ll already have access to many free assets on its free version.

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As much as the requirement for videos is increasing, the number of softwares to create videos is rising.

With so many options available in the market, it’s getting harder to choose the right software for our projects.

In this battle, Invideo vs Canva, I’ll dig deep into these two softwares and help you clarify all your doubts and questions regarding them.

I’ll cover all the details about their features, ease of use, pricing, customer support, quality, and more about the two software.

This comparison will help you decide which tool is the right one for you.

Let’s dive deeper and get started.

Comparison Table – Invideo Vs Canva

Overall rating4.5 stars4 Stars - Yellow
Ease of useVery easyVery easy
SubscriptionMonthly & yearlyMonthly & yearly
Free trialYes Yes
2D AnimationNoNo
3D AnimationNoNo
Regular VideosYesYes
Best forCreating videosCreating videos, graphics, logos, presentations, social media posts, and more
CompatibilityWindows, MAC, iPhone & AndroidWindows & MAC
Price$15 to $30 per month $130.90 to $150.90 per year
RecommendedYes, if you need just videosYes, if you need more than just videos

Invideo – A Brief Overview

Invideo was founded in 2017 by three Indian engineers Sanket Shah, Pankit Chedda, and Harsh Vakharia. It is an Indian company, and its headquarter is located in Mumbai.

Invideo is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use softwares for creating and editing videos.

There are many video-making and editing softwares on the market, but Invideo is one of the best and the most advanced ones.

It is a cloud-based software, and it comes with 5000+ templates, iStock media, a music library, filters, transitions, and much more.

You can edit your own videos effortlessly or create videos using its prebuilt templates and stock videos for the library.

Home page of Invideo's website

It allows you to create videos from a blank canvas, its prebuild templates or text to videos.

You can also download their app from App Store or Google Play Store and use it to create or edit videos on your phone.

Canva – A Brief Overview

Canva, which was valued by private investors at $40 billion in September 2021, was founded by three Australians Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams.

By December 2021, 75 million people in more than 190 countries are using Canva every month. Clearly, it is a bigger company than Invideo.

It is the most popular and arguably the best easy-to-use graphic designing software.

It allows you to easily create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, websites, and more.

It is not the coolest software among the designers; however, almost everyone who doesn’t have design experience loves it.

Because it’s easy to use and the templates are professionally designed.

Home page of Canva's website

Besides designing and creating videos, its team collaboration tool is very effective.

It lets you invite people or teammates to edit with you or manage the assets, leave feedback, get approval, and so forth.

Some of its prominent features are its curved test generator, photo effects, image enhancer, online video creator, video trimmer, videos to MP4 converter, and more.

A Brief Comparison

Invideo and Canva are the two most compelling softwares in their own field.

One is one of the best easy-to-use video creators and editors, and the other is the best easy graphic designing software.

As a video creating and editing software Invideo is more powerful than Canva.

However, as an all-in-one software, where you can do almost all using one tool, Canva is more powerful.

1. Basic Features

Being one of the most powerful, easy-to-use video-making and editing software, Invideo has many features that people love.

It has more than 5000 high-quality professionally designed templates. You’ll have access to a library of over a million premium stock videos and images.

Above all these, you’ll get access to iStock media, music, and videos from Storyblocks and Shutterstock.

It has all the essential features for video editing like trim, crop, transitions, text, stickers, etc. You can also use it on your phone by downloading their mobile app.

It enables you to create videos on the go using your phone and share them from anywhere you want. It has more cool features like text to video, where you can turn text into videos.

User interface of Invideo
Screenshot of the user interface of Invideo

You can add your team members to Invideo projects, and your teammates can create, edit, comment, and share your videos.

It has more than 40 pre-made animation styles by which you can quickly animate your text and elements.

More features like an audio editor, brand kits, and more make it more powerful.

Invideo can be used to make videos for intros, outro, slideshows, video ads, YouTube intros, birthday videos, Instagram videos, invitation videos, and more.

Its wide range of templates is designed to make videos for promo, ad, listicle, slideshow, greeting, sale & offer, motion poster, intro, outro, invitation, explainer, announcement, testimonials, trends, tutorial, how-to, vlogs, case study, etc.

Canva is the most popular and loved by people graphic designing and video-making software. Its video editing feature is one of its multiple powerful features.

It is not the best software to create and edit videos, but it can do the job.

User interface of Canva
The user interface of Canva

It can create almost anything that a brand needs. It can create Logos, social media posts, banners, brochures, business cards, calendars, flyers, infographics, invoices, labels, letterheads, menus, newsletters, notebooks, posters, presentations, videos, and more.

More than just designing templates, it has thousands of professionally designed pre-made video templates.

It has both desktop and mobile apps. You can use the mobile app to create videos from anywhere without a computer.

It has both mobile and desktop apps. It’s available for all the popular platforms iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Canva is free for non-profit organizations, educators, and students. Also, you can get your designs get printed and delivered by them sustainably.

As a nature lover, one of the best things I like about it is its sustainability practice and goals. They claimed that their offices are sustainable and decreased their emission by more than 90% from cloud service.

They have planted over 3.5 million trees by 2022 and still counting.

There are more than 800 templates related to climate change and sustainability, which you can use them for free.


Because of its countless features and ability to create more than just videos, Canva will be the winner in this section.

It is better than Invideo if you are looking for a software that can create or edit more than just videos.

Even though Invideo is a great video-making software, it cannot beat Canva in this part.

2. Ease of Use

Invideo is very easy to use. Its user interface is straightforward, clean, and well designed.

You can just drag and drop elements you want to add or remove and create the video you want.

You can literally create a video in just a few minutes, even if you don’t have any video-making or editing experience.

Now let’s talk about the interface of the software. You’ll find all the important tools on the left side of the interface.

This is the section of the interface where you will see the icons of Templates, Uploads, Video, Image, Music, Text, Logo, Colors, Stickers, Overlays, Shapes, Masks, Collage, etc.

You can do almost everything with these tools.

Canva is also designed to be able to use by anyone who doesn’t have any experience in designing or video making.

It is effortless to use the software, and its user interface is simple, clean, and easily understandable.

Like Invideo, almost all the essential tools are on the left side of the interface.

You’ll see the icons of Templates, Elements, Uploads, Text, Photos, Styles, Audio, Videos, Background, Pexels, GIPHY, Logos, Charts, and more.

These are the primary tools by which you can create all the graphics and videos that you want.

There is a space between the canvas and the tools icons where you’ll see the tools preview.

This preview makes it easy for you to figure out what to add and what not to add to your canvas.


Invideo and Canva are both equally easy-to-use softwares. Their user interfaces are almost the same.

Since the two softwares are equally easy, this part of the battle will be a tie.

3. Tutorials

Invideo has a dedicated webpage for tutorials where they have all the tutorials of common queries and problems.

They have listed all the common tutorials and solutions about Getting started, Login and Sign up, Templates, Text, Images, Videos, Audio and music, Elements, Canvas, Scenes, Timeline, Text to Video, Uploads, My Projects, Pricing, Teams, Settings and more.

They also have a YouTube Channel with a good number of subscribers. Here, they share all the essential and requested tutorials.

You’ll find all the updates, video ideas for your inspiration, product commercial video tutorials, how-tos, and many more.

Invideo's YouTube channel
Invideo’s YouTube channel

Their Instagram presence is very strong, and they call it Instagram Inspiration. The content there will inspire you to create great videos.

They post short tutorials and videos that will inspire you to make good videos. However, they don’t post every day there.

Its blog is another great way to learn not just about Invideo but also about video making, editing, growing business, and other related topics.

The blog covers useful topics like Best Informercial Examples to Drive Sales, Vimeo vs YouTube, How to Grow Your Brand with Content, Proven Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel, Best Fashion Advertising Strategies, Most Iconic Gaming Ads to Inspire Your Ad Strategy, How to Grow Your Brand with Social Media Adverting and many more.

The blog page of Invideo
The blog page of Invideo

What about Canva’s tutorials?

It is even more interesting than Invideo. Their tutorials are everywhere, and you can easily find the solutions to your queries.

You can find them on their tutorials, updates, and more on their Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook Group, Instagram, etc.

Canva's YouTube channel
Canva’s YouTube channel

Their blog covers topics related to design, videos, business, inspiration, marketing, branding, non-profits, education, etc.

Some of the articles they cover on the blog are Tips for Managing Your Calendar Like a Pro, Logo Inspiration, How to Design Your Own Wedding Stationery with Canva, How to Use Green Screen, How to Build Customer Loyalty, YouTube Marketing 101, The Complete Guide to Personal Branding and many more.

They also have a Design School where they have free courses to learn everything about Canva, designing, video making, and more.

The courses they have are Canva for Beginners, Canva Pro for Nonprofits, Print Advertising, Typography and Layout, Creating a Logo, Canva on Your Mobile, Presentations to Impress From the Expert, Graphic Design Basic, and more.

Design School page of Canva
Canva’s Design School page

Other than the courses, they also have tutorials on some common topics like Creating Videos with Canva, Getting Started with Canva, Teach with Canva, Create Websites with Canva, Design with Canva, Canva Pro, Presenting with Canva, Managing Your Team, etc.

They also organize events every month regularly and educate people for free.

If you are a learner and want to learn more about design, business, branding, marketing, video making, content creating, team management, video marketing, product photography, and more, you will love their events.

Some of the topics of their events are Marketing for Beginners: Creating a Social Media Campaign, Designing on Your Mobile Device, Team Management Essentials, Brand a Business: How to Design Your Brand, Logo, Personality and More, etc.

Canva Event page
Canva Event page

There’s another section called Getting Started.

It will be very helpful if you are just getting started with this software.

You will find very short videos explaining how to get started with Canva. All the videos are less than 2 minutes long.


Since Canva is a bigger company than Invideo, the number and quality of tutorials and other content of Canva are bigger and better.

The range of content and how they organize them is better than Invideo.

Therefore the winner in this section will be Canva.

4. Pricing

The pricing structure of Invideo is simple and straightforward – Free, Business, and Ultimate.

The Free Package allows you to create videos, but the videos will have watermarked Invideo’s logo.

You’ll have access to create only a 40min video duration, more than 3 Million standard media library, Automated text-to-speech, and 5000+ video templates.

The next package is called Business, and it costs $15 a month when billed annually. It becomes $30 if it is billed monthly.

It is designed for small business owners, educators, and social media or YouTube influencers.

In this package, you’ll get access to videos with no watermark, more than 1 million premium media library, 60 HD video exports per month, 10 iStock media per month, 20 remove background per month, and the mobile app subscription. 

The third one is called the Ultimate package. It costs $30 a month if you pay annually. If you pay monthly, then they charge $60.

It is best for agency owners and multiple teams.

Here you will get access to videos with no watermark, more than 1 million premium media library, unlimited HD video exports per month, 120 iStock media per month, 40 remove background per month, and the mobile app subscription. 

The pricing structure of Invideo

Canva’s pricing structure is almost the same as Invideo’s. However, its cost is a little more affordable.

The packages are Canva Free, Canva Pro, and Canva for Teams.

You’ll get 30 day free trial of Canva Pro if you use this affiliate link

Canva Free is for anyone who wants to design for personal use.

In the free version, you will get access to the drag-and-drop easy editor, more than 250,000 free templates, 100+ design types (social media posts, presentations, letters, videos, and more), more than 1 million photos, videos, and graphics, invite others to design and work with, a wide range of printable products to design and get delivered to your door and 5GM cloud storage.

The second package, called Canva Pro, costs $12.99 per month.

If you pay yearly, you’ll save 16%. It is designed for individuals, solopreneurs, and freelance designers who want unlimited access to premium content.

It is only for one person. 

Here, you will get access to more than 100 million stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics; unlimited features, folders, and premium content; 610,000+ premium and free templates with new designs daily; establish your brand’s visual identity with logos, colors, and fonts with up to 100 brand kits; create dedicated folders for specific projects; resize designs infinitely with Magic Resize; remove image background instantly with Background Remover; schedule social media content to 8 platforms; 1TB of cloud storage and 24/7 customer support.

The last package is Canva for Teams. It costs $14.99 per month. If you pay annually, you’ll save 16% of the total cost.

This is the biggest package of this software. 

In this package, you will get access to more than 100 million stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics; unlimited features, folders, and premium content; brand controls to ensure your team’s designs stay on brand; designed for team collaboration with approval workflows, activity logging, assign tasks and roles and create dedicated folders for specific projects or departments.

You can also turn your team’s designs, presentations, and documents into branded templates; set which elements your team can edit, and stay on-brand with template locking; team reports and insights; pay as you grow, you’ll be able to reconcile costs for anyone who’s joined your team before each billing cycle; 1TB of cloud storage and 24/7 customer support.

The pricing structure of Canva


As you can see, the cost of Canva is a little bit lower, and unlike Invideo it has the power to create more than just videos.

I will want to give the crown to Canva for this part. It is the winner in so many ways. In Invideo the amount of videos you can create is limited even if you use the paid versions.

On the other hand, if you use Canva Pro or Canva for Teams, you can create unlimited videos and designs.

5. Customer Support

Now that you know, Invideo is a great easy-to-use video-making or editing software.

Let’s talk about its customer support because I believe that is one of the most important things about a software company.

Even if the software or product is top-notch,, but its customer service is poor, no one would like to use it.

The customer support service of Invideo is as good as its product.

They have a 24/7 Live Chat service where you can chat to their executive, ask about any queries and problems, and get them solved.

You can schedule a demo call with their expert and let them show you how to solve your issues. They allow you to schedule a webinar if you want to and resolve the issues and technical problems you have.

Also, you can email their customer support team anytime you want and get the problems resolved through email.

They reply to your emails within a few hours and the live chat in a few minutes. If you have any issues related to the software, their customer support team will happily assist you and help you.

Similarly, Canva’s customer support service is excellent. Most big companies’ customer support services are not that good. Canva is one of the rare ones.

They have a section called Help Center on their website. They have listed almost all the possible queries and issues users might have in this section.

The possible queries and issues are properly categorized in this section.

Some of these categories are Account settings; Payment, pricing, and billing; Teams and groups; Downloading, saving, and sharing; Canva subscriptions; Print and delivery; Editing and designing; Fix a problem; etc.

Even if you can’t find your issues on the list, you can contact them directly through their 24/7 email support.

This is the last option to contact them. Due to a large number of users and their issues and queries, their reply sometimes takes a week.

This is the downside of being a big company with a huge number of users. And they don’t have live chat support like Invideo.


Since Invideo’s customer support provides more features and is faster to reply queries than Canva, it is clear that Invideo is the winner of this section. Invideo has 24/7 live chat available but not Canva.

Invideo responds to their emails within 24 hours; however, Canva sometimes takes a week to reply.

6. Videos and Designs Quality

Since Invideo focuses just on video making and editing, it has more features that are related to videos than Canva.

Features like color grading, overlaying, masking, etc., can make the videos look premium and high quality.

On the contrary, Canva doesn’t provide features to color grade your videos, overlaying, etc. It is not designed to edit videos.

It is designed to make videos using graphics, typography, animation, and footages.

Below are some examples of videos made using Invideo and Canva.

a. Videos created in Invideo

b. Videos created in Canva


The quality of the videos made in these two softwares is almost similar.

But the color gradients and overlays on the videos made in Invideo look a little premium and high quality.

Hence, the winner of this section will be Invideo.

Final Thoughts

Even though both of them are very powerful softwares, they have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Invideo is an excellent software for making and editing videos.

On the other hand, Canva is an incredible software for creating videos, graphics, logos, websites, presentations, and many more.

What you choose depends on your needs and requirements. If you just need a great video-making software, Invideo will be the right one for you.

Canva will be the one for you if your requirement is more than just videos.

You can do almost everything using Canva that Invideo can do, but you cannot do so many things using Invideo that Canva can.

Both of them are equally reliable and excellent tools; it’s just that you have to know what your requirement is.

And choose according to that.

Use Invideo if

  • You need one of the best easy-to-use softwares just to make and edit videos
  • You want a software that can turn your script into a video
  • You require videos for your social media content
  • Your business needs video content to grow it

Use Canva if

  • You are looking for the best easy-to-use software to create design, prentations, videos and many more
  • You need a software that can create more than just videos
  • Your requirement is an all-in-one software at the most affordable price
  • You own a business, and you think branding is important
  • You know branding is important, but you can’t afford a design agency
  • You are a solopreneur, and you need an easy-to-use designing software

That was the battle between the two beasts Invideo vs Canva.

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Happy Creating!

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