CreateStudio Vs Vyond (Review & Comparision) – 2023

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The Verdict

This is a tough competition, but one has to win. CreateStudio is the winner for this. Even though both of them have their unique strong and weak features, we recommend CreateStudio over Vyond.

The quality of the characters’ design, flexibility, and the clean and straightforward user interface of CreateStudio are better than Vyond. However, Vyond is easier to use and more beginner-friendly than CreateStudio. CreateStudio takes a little more effort to get used to it.

Vyond focuses more on 2D animation only. You can’t animate 3D objects or characters on Vyond like CreateStudio.

I like CreatStudio mainly because of its premium quality designs of the objects and characters. It makes the videos look professional and premium. But is it the right tool for you? You can dig deeper to know more.

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As we all know that creating animated videos is a time-consuming and tedious task. Thankfully there are lots of software that are trying to solve these problems. Some of them are good ones, and some of them are not so good ones.

CreateStudio and Vyond (which was GoAnimate before) are among the best easy animation softwares in the market. Overall, CreateStudio is the winner in this battle.

As you dig deeper into this comparison, you’ll find out why we recommend CreateStudio over Vyond.

Let’s see what they both have to offer.

1. Comparison Table

Overall rating4.5 stars
Ease of useTakes a little longer to get used to it Very easy
SubscriptionYearly & One-time-paymentOne-time-payment
Free trialNo No
Best forBoth professionals and beginnersBeginners only
CompatibilityWindows & MACWindows & MAC
Refund30-day money-back guarantee14 days trial
Price$99 to $299 per year
(There’s $67 limited-time offer)
$49 & $159 per month
(You can save 40-49% with annual pricing)
RecommendedYesYes, only if you’re looking for an easier tool but don’t care about the quality

2. Brief Overview

Both CreateStudio and Vyond are considered top-rated in the list of best animation tools. Their market is well-established. In this section, let’s compare both of these tools to find out their stark differences.


2D character designs of CreateStudio Pro
Some 2D characters of CreateStudio

CreateStudio is now updated to CreateStudio Pro, which has more powerful features and assets. It is one of the most advanced, beginner-friendly, easy animation tools. This tool is designed to accommodate both the pros and newbies equally.

This software is equipped with a wide variety of options and flexibility. You can easily create your personalized animations with its one-click motion presets, speed bars, templates, etc.

You can also use CreateStudio to create promo videos, eCommerce ads, YouTube content, local business promotions, videos with 2D and 3D characters, and much more.


Character designs of Vyond
Some character styles of Vyond

Vyond is one of the top-rated easy animation softwares that helps users create professional animated videos for learning, training, marketing, and other industries.

Vyond allows you to create dynamic videos for any kind of audience without complicating it. It has countless useful features that allow anyone to create professional animated videos within minutes.

3. Basic Features

When it comes to providing a good user experience, CreateStudio leaves no stone unturned. It is a platform that offers all of its expertise and professional tools to help you create high-quality animated videos that are informative, eye-catching, and engaging.

CreateStudio is best for creating animated video ads or social media promotions that are premium quality. If your goal is to create 3D or 2D explainer videos, doodle sketches, text animations, stomp teasers, logo intros, and outros, etc., then CreateStudio would be the most suitable companion for you.

Let’s talk about the best feature CreateStudio has. If you are a company that wants video content that helps boost their sales and make their brand grow, use this software. The ad-compliant preset inside enables you to see how your ad would look on social media.

This tool dramatically pays attention to details, design quality, user experience, etc., making it stand out from other competitors. Many customized animations and video templates are available on CreateStudio, which you can use for practice or creation.

Vyond is also a highly easy software for making animated videos and promotional gigs. It provides users with the latest hi-tech settings along with whiteboard animations to create the perfect magic.

Vyond gives you the option to add dynamic charts, animations, analytical graphs, and much more to make it more professional.

Another great thing about Vyond is that it allows you to create your own unique templates in addition to the ones that are already there. What I like about this software the most is that it has a lip-syncing feature. You can make your characters lip-sync according to your voice-over.

Vyond is easy to set up. The content library inside it helps you create professional animated videos within a few seconds. Its attractive user interface enables you to generate content at a faster pace.


I have to make CreateStudio the winner here, out of personal preference alone. Even though both offer excellent features and benefits, CreateStudio’s premium quality designs and animation are keeping Vyond behind.

Also, CreateStudio gives you more flexibility than Vyond, making your video unique and different from others.

4. Ease of Use

Both Vyond and CreateStudio are easy to use, understand, and implement. Both of them don’t require any prior knowledge of animation-making skills. The best thing about these tools is that you do not necessarily need to hire a professional animator.

They provide a straightforward layout and user interface that even anyone can understand and create high-quality animated videos. Both would give accessible functions and personalized templates to carry out the work.

Both of the software’s goals are to make them as easy to use as possible; however, some users find Vyond easier than CreateStudio. After using and trying them for a while, I found out that CreateStudio takes a little longer to get handy than Vyond. Yes, Vyond is a little easier to learn.


Vyond is the winner in this battle because it’s easier to use than CreateStudio. Both are designed so that anyone who is a complete beginner can also use them and create animated videos in the quickest way; however, CreateStudio takes a little more time than Vyond to get used to it.

5. Animations and Designs Quality

Below are some examples of animated videos that are created in CreateStudio and Vyond, respectively. You can see that CreateStudio’s animation and design quality is much better than Vyond. As a designer myself, Vyond’s design quality looks a little unprofessional and immature to me.

a. Videos created in CreateStudio

b. Videos created in Vyond


As you can see from the example videos above, CreateStudio’s design and animation look more premium and professional than Vyond. The winner in the section is clearly CreateStudio.

6. Tutorial

Even though these tools are easy-to-use software, sometimes you’ll need tutorials because some of the features are a little confusing.

CreateStudio has its own youtube channel where they try to put out the tutorials you will need. They also have an active Facebook group where you can take feedback and ask questions from the community.

You can find so many helpful resources, an in-depth knowledge base, as well as the option to submit a support ticket on their website’s customer support section.

Their 24/7 chat support is very active and supportive. You can ask anything anytime if you have any issues or are stuck with anything.

Also, you have an option to read their blogs and FAQs.

Vyond goes the extra mile with its real-time webinars, in-person training, video tutorials, documentation, phone support, email help, and 24/7 chat with a Live representative. Although it lacks FAQs and forums for questions, other handy features make up for them.


I have to make CreateStudio the winner in this again because it has so many more tutorial resources than Vyond.

7. Pricing

CreateStudio is a high-end tool; therefore, its pricing ranges from $199 to $349. However, if you use this affiliate link, you can get them as low as $67 (lifetime one-time payment). It is a limited-time offer. The best thing is that CreateStudio doesn’t have any monthly or yearly subscription to renew.

Unlike CreateStudio, Vyond offers its customers a 14-day free trial. When the trial ends, the users can avail any of the three packages. Vyond comes with monthly and annual subscriptions for all three versions too.

The Personal Plan starts from $49/month, the Business Plan from $89/month, and the Enterprise Plan for $159/monthly seat. The US Federal agencies can avail of special discounts on these packages.

8. One-Time Purchase

CreateStudio may seem expensive, but many miss out on the opportunity that it offers one-time purchases to its users. You can purchase CreateStudio once and can use it for a lifetime if you use this affiliate link There is no monthly or yearly CreateStudio subscription.

On the contrary, Vyond doesn’t provide one-time purchases; instead, it offers monthly or yearly subscriptions. It benefits the seasonal animators where they only subscribe when they want and save money.

Final Thoughts

Both of them have their own strong and weak features. However, after using them for a while and comparing them side by side, I came to the conclusion that CreateStudio is better overall. CreateStudio is more updated, professional, and flexible. CreateStudio’s character design and other objects look more premium than Vyond’s design.

Although Vyond has been around for a long time and gaining immense popularity, CreateStudio still provides more creative liberty and higher-quality animated videos. Vyond might become better in the future, but for now, I prefer CreateStudio over Vyond.

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