CreateStudio Vs Viddyoze (Review & Comparision) – 2023

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The Verdict

CreateStudio is the winner of this battle. Even though both of them have their unique good and bad sides, I recommend CreateStudio over Viddyoze.

The flexibility and the quality of CreateStudio are better than Viddyoze. However, Viddyoze is easier to use than CreateStudio. CreateStudio takes a little longer to get used to it.

Viddyoze focuses more on video editing, logo animation, text animation, visual effects, etc. You can’t animate illustrated characters or objects on Viddyoze like CreateStudio.

I like CreatStudio mainly because of its premium quality designs and graphics. It makes the videos look professional and premium. But is it the right one for you too? You can dig a little deeper if you want to know more.

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Everyone is moving online. Companies, retailers, and anyone that is trying to sell or promote something are now online. Other, more traditional forms of promotion and advertising are still somewhat beneficial, but in today’s technological society, if you cannot keep up with competitors online, you might get left in the dust.

Easy-to-use animation software allows you to keep up with tech-savvy competitors.

That is why user-friendly animation technology is such a beneficial tool for anyone needing to make an engaging and professional-looking clip or video for potential viewers and buyers to see. Nothing makes your product or service look top-notch and high quality like a top-notch and high-quality video or animation for promotion.

Comparison Table – CreateStudio Vs Viddyoze

Overall rating4.5 stars
Ease of useTakes a little longer to get used to it Very easy
SubscriptionYearly & One-time-paymentOne-time-payment
Free trialNo No
Best forBoth professionals and beginnersBeginners only
CompatibilityWindows & MACWindows & MAC
Refund30-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Price$199 to $349 per year
(There’s $67 limited-time offer)
$97 & $127 (lifetime)

CreateStudio and Viddyoze are two examples of easy animation software and video creation software. They both allow you to create sharp-looking marketing tools for you to use. They both offer similar creation options but differ in some aspects. If you are looking for an easy-to-use animation or video-creating software, you can check out one of these as either one could be valuable to you:

CreateStudio – A Brief Overview

If you are someone who likes to have the creating reigns in your own hands, CreateStudio might be the option for you.

CreateStudio is now evolved into a more powerful version called CreateStudio Pro. It has more power, more features, and more assets than before.

This software gives you the ability to create animated and regular videos using prebuilt templates, characters, and other assets. You can create amazing quality 2D and 3D animations, other animation clips, regular videos, logo videos, videos for social media channels, and clips for the promotion of products. This creation software is very animation heavy but is incredibly high quality. You will be consistently impressed with the quality of animation features CreateStudio has to offer.

There are thousands of templates for you to choose from if you like, and they add new templates regularly that full-access members can use. If you like what they offer as templates but want to add your own personal touch, CreateStudio allows you to do that. You can use their templates and adjust them to fit your needs. This gives you thousands of options for what to choose, and your video will be different from anyone else’s, even if you are beginning with one of the templates. If you are tech-savvy and want to begin the product from scratch without a template, CreateStudio allows you to do that. You can create a one-of-a-kind animation or video that is completely your own.

Viddyoze – A Brief Overview

This software allows creators to use templates to create amazing animations and video clips like CreateStudio do. You have thousands of templates to choose from and can adjust them here or there to fit your specific needs. You get to customize their templates with your name or logo. If animation is what you are looking for, you may not have access to as many animation features as CreateStudio. You will have more access to typography and video creator tools with this system.

The entire software is cloud-based. You do not have to download the software onto your computer. Their interface is user-friendly, and even those who would not describe themselves as tech-savvy have an easy time using Viddyoze to create the promotional tools that they need.

CreateStudio Vs Viddyoze

Both systems offer a variety of basic features. CreateStudio allows you to animate your media with one click when you use their pre-made templates. These can be adjusted to fit whatever you need. You also have the option to create custom animations from scratch. CreateStudio will minimize the amount of space taken up on your computer or laptop because they offer the option to save the files at up to 8x smaller than other competitor systems.

With CreateStudio, you have the option to import SVG images or edit your project with a green screen. Although Viddyoze does not have quite the animation customization features that CreateStudio has, it offers thousands of templates for you to choose from when wanting to import your brand’s name or logo into their templates. You can then customize your project and download it into an mp4 format that is compatible with other platforms.

Viddyoze prides itself on its ease of use and the 1-2-3- step system. You choose your template, customize it, and then download it. This ease of use is great but may take away creative freedom. CreateStudio has also been shown to be easy to use for customers.

They offer tutorials on their site to guide you but to get integrated into the use of the system, you can begin by using their templates and then move on to more customizable projects. If the sites prove to not be as simple as you would like, CreateStudio offers customer support both through email and a page on their product webpage. Viddyoze offers customer support through email.

Pricing for both systems is handled differently. Viddyoze has a normal one-time payment of $127. They are currently offering a sale and one-time payment of $97.

Viddyoze's pricing structure
Viddyoze’s pricing structure

CreateStudio has the option of two annual payment plans: $199 per year for their standard access and $349 for their all-access pass. They also have a crazy offer of $67 lifetime one-time payment. You have to use this affiliate link to get this offer.

Pricing structure of CreateStudio Pro
CreateStudio pricing structure

Both video and animation studio systems are great options for creators. However, Viddyoze does not allow users to create very many pieces of their animation or videos from scratch. You have to adjust one of their templates to fit your needs. Their templates are great and high-quality, but if you are looking for more options with what you can create, CreateStudio is the superior system to use. The quality of CreateStudio’s animation and design is more premium than Viddyoze.

Viddyoze has high-quality animation and design templates to use, but CreateStudio offers high-quality AND allows you to adjust them yourself while keeping the quality intact.

The fantastic thing about CreateStudio is that if you DO NOT like to create things from scratch and would prefer to use a template, they also offer that option. With CreateStudio you get the best of both worlds. You get the option to create something completely new and of your own imagination when the situation calls for that, and you also have the option to use a pre-existing template to create something faster if that is what you are looking for at that time.

Final Thoughts

Both systems are worth the investment and will help you in creating amazing, professional-looking work. CreateStudio gives you the option of starting from scratch or using one of their high-quality templates, so if you are looking for the best investment for your money, CreateStudio is the superior option.

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