CreateStudio Vs Animaker (Review & Comparision) – 2023

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The Verdict

Animaker is one of the top easy animation-making software in the market. It has been around for a while now. Compared to Animaker, CreateStudio is new and gained its name pretty fast. Both of them are equally powerful softwares in their own way.

If you want to start creating and try your hand at animating and video making in a simple way without spending much money, you can begin with Animaker. It has the most affordable package option with basic features and assets. You should get it if you want a basic quality of animated and regular videos.

However, you should get CreateStudio if you want a premium software with well-designed characters, backgrounds, and other assets. A software where you can create animated and regular videos and edit videos easily. But you’ll have to pay a little bit higher than Animaker.

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There are around 100 animation-making softwares in the market. As more and more softwares like these are coming out, it’s getting harder to choose the right one.

In this comparison CreateStudio vs Animaker you will find out what these softwares are capable of and which is the right one for you. You’ll get to know about the softwares in detail.

I’ll be talking about their features, pros and cons, ease of use, pricing, customer support, tutorials, design and video quality, and my recommendation.

Comparison Table – CreateStudio Vs Animaker

Overall rating4.5 stars4 Stars - Yellow
Ease of useVery easyVery easy
SubscriptionOne-time & yearlyMonthly & yearly
Free trialNoYes (free with limited access and watermark)
Refund30-day money-back guaranteeNo
2D AnimationYesYes
3D AnimationYesNo
Regular VideosYesYes
Best forCreating animated and regular videoCreating only animated videos
CompatibilityWindows & MACWindows & MAC
Price$199 to $345 per year $100 to $588 per year
RecommendedYesNo, I don’t recommend this over CreateStudio

CreateStudio – A Brief Overview

CreateStudio is now updated to CreateStudio Pro with more power, assets, and features. 

It was founded in the year 2020 by Josh Ratta and his team. Its headquarter is based in the UK. Josh and his co-founder have also created other softwares like Photo Vibrance and AudioFlow under the company name Vidello. 

It is a cloud-based software, and it comes with 5000+ templates, iStock media, a music library, filters, transitions, and much more. You can edit your own videos effortlessly or create videos using its prebuilt templates and stock videos for the library.

Website of CreateStudio Pro

It allows you to create 2D and 3D animated videos, regular videos using stock footage or your own footage, and social media post videos in any dimension. It is not a cloud-based software which means you can also use it without an internet connection.

Animaker – A Brief Overview

Founded in 2014 by RS Raghavan, Animaker is one of the best and oldest easy animation-making software in the market. Its headquarter is in California, USA. It reached 10 million users in February 2021.

Started as just an animation-making software, Animaker is now a powerful cloud-based software where you can create almost every kind of video. You can create videos for your social media posts in any dimension, YouTube videos, marketing videos, promotional videos, and many more.

Animaker website - Landing page

A Brief Comparison

CreateStudio and Animaker are two of the most popular easy-to-use animation-making software. These two softwares are very similar to each other. However, there are a few features that differentiate them.

People are more familiar with Animaker than CreateStudio because it is much older. Although these two are very powerful tools, they also have their own weak points.

Because I’m a designer, good designs matter to me. The design quality of CreateStudio’s characters, backgrounds, and other elements is better than Animaker. They look like they are professionally designed. On the contrary, Animaker’s characters, graphics, and other assets look unprofessional. They don’t look like they’re designed by professional designers.

1. Basic Features

You can create 2D and 3D animated videos, regular videos, marketing videos, promotional videos, educational videos, stomp teaser videos, advertising videos, YouTube videos, Story videos, Explainer videos, logo sting videos, and more using CreateStudio. They claim that the quality of the 3D animation created using their software is equivalent to Pixar, but it’s not true. The quality of some of them is very close, but most of them are not as good as Pixar.

Their drag-and-drop editor and prebuilt templates allow you to create videos and edit them even if you don’t have prior tech or design skills. The prebuilt transition designs will make your scenes change in style. CreateStudio also has 30 scroll-stopping visual effects for social media posts. This will make people stop scrolling & drive traffic to your site or offers.

CreateStudio's Scroll stopper
CreateStudio’s Scroll stopper

Using this software, you can also easily create doodle sketch videos or whiteboard animation videos. Its prebuilt custom animation styles let you animate the characters and other elements easily and fast. You can also instantly import millions of images, videos, and GIFs from UnsplashPexelsCoverrPixabay, and GIPHY.

Like CreateStudio, Animaker lets you create animated, regular live-action videos and more, but it doesn’t let you create 3D animated videos.

You’ll get access to more than 100 million stock photos and videos, 100 million plus assets in the library, 1 Billion plus characters, 100,000 graphic elements, 1000 plus fonts and animation styles, 1000 plus readymade templates, 100 plus scenes and backgrounds, 200 plus of music and sound effects and more.

Your videos can be resized instantly with just a single click to the social media post sizes. You can resize them to 9:16, which is compatible with stories or status, 1:1 for social media posts, and 16:9, which is suitable for YouTube and ads.

Instant resizing with single click - Animaker
Instant resizing with a single click


The winner of this part will be CreateStudio because it can create 3D animated videos, which Animaker cannot do. Since 3D animation is getting popular these days, it is essential for creating video content.

2. Ease of Use

CreateStudio’s simple, clean and minimal user interface design makes it easy to use the software. The software is designed to be beginners friendly. Its drag and drop feature, prebuilt characters, templates, and other elements make it very convenient. The preset animation styles let you animate your characters and objects in just one click.

Let me tell you more about the interface of the software. On the left top corner of the artboard, there are Pen, Shape, and Text. These are one of the crucial tools of CreateStudio. Then on the left side, there are icons of Media, Studio, Music, Transition, Effect, Components, My Scenes, and Video Builder. When you click on these icons, it will show you the preview, which helps you understand more about the tools.

User interface of CreateStudio Pro

There is the timeline on the bottom part of the artboard. And on the right side, you’ll find the most essential tools of the software. Settings, Motions, Effects, Alignments, Colors, Color Blending, Fonts, Font Weight, Scale, Opacity, Spacing, Padding, etc., will be on the right side of the artboard.

Animaker is also very easy to use. Even if you don’t have any experience in animation before, you can create decent-quality animated videos with this. I like the interface design of CreateStudio more, but Animaker’s interface is also simple and easy to understand.

Its user interface design is a little different from CreateStudio. All the most essential tools are on the left side of the artboard. You will see icons with texts of Templates, Character, Property, Text, Background (Bg), Image, Videos, Music, Effect, Uploads, and more. When you click on these icons, it will show you a preview of the particular tool. This preview will give you an idea of what that tool is for.

User interface of Animaker
User interface of Animaker

On the bottom of the artboard, there’s the timeline. The timeline shows you the timestamp of your videos. And on the right side, you’ll find a vertical banner that shows the Scenes. You can add or remove scenes from the video you’re making using this.


CreateStudio and Animaker are both equally easy to use. Anyone with zero prior experience can start using them both. They are all designed to be easy to use and for beginners. The result will be a tie because they are both straightforward and effortless to use.

3. Tutorials

CreateStudio has a dedicated webpage, YouTube channel, and Facebook Group for tutorials, other videos, and tips and tricks. You don’t have to worry if you are stuck with using this software. These tutorials will clear your doubts and solve your issues.

The dedicated tutorial webpage is Learn CreateStudio, where you will find all the tips and tricks, beginners and advanced essential tutorials, and more. You’ll find the tutorials on Getting Started, Media, Groups, Motion Presets, Transitions, Timeline, Helpful Tips, Custom Fonts, Keyframes, Pen Tool, Carousel, Publishing, Masking, Camera, Typewriter Effect, Walking Sequence, Freeze Frame, Screen For Device, Color Removal, Progress Bar, Mobile Slide Rotate, Mobile Slide, Creating Your Faces, Building Characters and Editing Scenes.

They also have a YouTube channel with a good number of subscribers, where they share all the tutorials and latest updates. They share videos almost every day there. CreateStudio has a big community as well on their Facebook group. You can share your videos and queries there and get feedback from the community.

CreateStudio’s blog posts are also quite beneficial. You will love their blog if you like reading more than watching videos.

Similar to CreateStudio, Animaker also has a Tutorial webpage, YouTube channel, and blog. They have a Facebook group as well, but it’s not active. Since it is an old company, there are a massive amount of tutorials available on YouTube and Google.

The Animaker Tutorials webpage does not have many videos, but it has all the essential tutorials to get started with Animaker. 

The tutorial webpage has the tutorial videos on 

  • How to create videos using the templates?
  • How to create videos from blank projects? 
  • How to use Action+ using Animaker 
  • How to use Smart Move using Animaker 
  • How to use Voiceover using Animaker 
  • How to use Camera using Animaker 
  • How to use Re-Shapes using Animaker 
  • How to use the Timeline using Animaker  
  • How to Create and download GIF’s using Animaker 
  • How to Set and Change background colour using Animaker 
  • How to use the new Animaker Voice 2.0

Their YouTube channel also has tons of how-tos and helpful tips videos. You can find tutorials for almost anything on their YouTube Channel. And their blog covers wider topics. It has topics related to animation, videos, video marketing, and more. Some of the topics are “10 Types of Animations”, “How to make animated videos?”, etc.


Since Canva is a bigger company than Invideo, the number and quality of tutorials and other content of Canva are bigger and better. The range of content and how they organize them is better than Invideo. Therefore the winner in this section will be Canva.

4. Pricing

CreateStudio’s pricing structure is very simple and straightforward. It has only 2 packages called CreateStudio and CreateStudio With All Access Pass. The CreateStudio package costs $199 a year, which is around $16 a month, and the CreateStudio With All Access costs $349 a year, which is about $29 a month.  

There’s an offer if you use this Affiliate Link. You get access to CreateStudio Pro for just $67 for a lifetime. And it is a one-time payment offer which means you don’t have to pay every month or year.

The pricing structure of CreateStudio Pro
The pricing structure of CreateStudio Pro

On the other hand, the pricing plans of Animaker are slightly different from CreateStudio’s. It has three plans named Basic, Starter, and Pro.

The Basic plan costs $10 a month if you pay it annually, which is $120 a year. This changed into $20 if you want to pay monthly. The second plan, Starter costs $19 a month, which is $228 per year. This increases to $35 if you want to pay it monthly. And the final plan Pro is $49 per month, which will be $588 per year. Again this will increase to $70 a month if you’re paying monthly.   

The pricing plans of Animaker
The pricing plans of Animaker


As you can see from the pricing plans of CreateStudio and Animaker above. CreateStudio is more affordable than Animaker. Even though Animaker has more assets and elements than CreateStudio, considering the value for quality, CreateStudio will be the winner on this part.

5. Customer Support

CreateStudio has listed all the frequently raised queries and problems on its website’s ‘Support’ page. Even if you don’t find your questions or issues on the list, their chat support is available 24/7.

You can also email them at [email protected] and resolve your issues and problems. They respond to customers’ emails within 24 hours. I have contacted their support team multiple times via email. Every time I did it, I got responses from them within a few hours.

The community on their Facebook group is also very helpful. You can share and discuss your concerns and issues with other community members and resolve them.

Animaker has a great customer support system. Its FAQs are the first step to trying to get your issues resolved. If that doesn’t work, you still have multiple options to get them resolved. It has 24/7 chat support available, where you can solve your issues through it. If you are unable to solve your problems with its chat support, you can submit a ticket here for your issues or queries. They will reply to your email and will solve the problems. 

I haven’t had any issues with Animaker and needed customer support, but they claim that they will respond to the tickets within 24 hours.


The customer support service of both CreateStudio and Animaker are equally great. They both have all the required services for customer support. This means that this part will be a tie again.

6. Videos and Designs Quality

Among the easy-to-use animation-making softwares in the market, the quality of the videos and designs of CreateStudio is the best. The characters, backgrounds, and other elements are professionally designed. They all look more premium than Animaker’s. However, they have fewer characters, templates, and other elements than Animaker.

Animaker’s videos and design quality looks a little cheaper than CreateStudio. Even though it has more than a billion characters and more assets available than CreateStudio, the quality of the design doesn’t look premium enough.

A few examples of videos made by CreateStudio and Animaker are listed below

a. Videos created in CreateStudio

b. Videos created in Animaker


As you can see in the videos above, CreateStudio’s videos and designs look more appealing and professional. This makes it the winner in this section.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that both CreateStudio and Animaker are very powerful and great animation-making softwares. However, they have their own strong and weak parts. Considering the overall features and quality of these two softwares, I recommend CreateStudio over Animaker. CreateStudio is more affordable, and the design quality is better than Animaker. It’s mainly because of these two factors that CreateStudio is winning this battle.

Use CreateStudio if

  • You want professional and premium quality videos
  • You’re looking for an affordable option
  • You want a software that is not cloud-based
  • You need a software that you can use without an internet connection
  • You want to create both 2D and 3D animated videos

Use Animaker if

  • You can compromise with the quality of the design and want a larger number of characters and other assets
  • The price doesn’t matter much to you
  • You want a cloud based software
  • You need only 2D animated videos

That was the battle between the two top easy animation making softwares CreateStudio vs Animaker.

If you’d like to get to know more about CreateStudio, you can check out my detailed review of it, “CreateStudio Review”.

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Happy Creating!

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