8 Best Transition Sound Effects (SFX) & Music Source for Your Videos

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As you know how good quality transition sound effects (SFX) and music play a crucial roll in creating a good video. This article will help you find some best sound effects and music sources for your videos.

Countless websites provide music and sound effects, making it hard for you to choose the best one for your videos. I spent some time doing some research to help you make it easier for you to choose the right one.

Here are the 8 best sources of premium-quality transition sound effects (SFX) and music, in my opinion.

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1. PremiumBeat

Shutterstock’s PremiumBeat is the most premium and most expensive among the list. They work with award-winning musicians and composers to create high-quality royalty-free music and sound effects.

They are focused on producing the highest quality music and sound effects. Their curated library of premium music and SFX will give you the feel of the big production houses. All the tracks are copyright clear and 100% exclusive, which means you can pay once and use it forever.


Since they provide the highest quality music and SFX, PremiumBeat charges $49 to $199 per track. They don’t have a monthly subscription option for now.

If you are a professional filmmaker and looking for the best quality royalty-free music and sound effects for your project, PremiumBeat is perfect for you.

2. Soundstripe

Soundstripe is another royalty-free music and sound effects for creators with an expertly-curated extensive library. They add new music every week to their library. YouTubers, podcasters, advertisers, filmmakers, and any other content creators will love it.

Their website’s interface is easy to use and very user-friendly, making it easy to search for the right music fast. You can filter for different types of instruments, vocals, and length of the song. Some big companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, Volks Wagon, etc. are their customers.


There are 3 packages in Soundstripe’s pricing structure. Standard Plan – $11.25 per month, Premium Plan- $21 per month, and Business Plan – $66.25 per month. If you want just a single track, they charge $39.95 per track.

Soundstripe is best if you want to find a specific music or sound effects you want quickly.

3. Mixdown Music

Mixdown Music by Stock Music

Another source of premium transition music and sound effects on the list is Mixdown Music. They provide all kinds of good-quality music and SFX like funny transition music, animation sound effects, cinematic transition sound effects, etc.

Their music and sound effects are used by some big companies like NBC, NASA, Microsoft, Discovery Channel, Warner Bros, Disney, Sony, etc. They have an extensive library of premium transition sound effects (SFX) and music, which provides you with different sounds and music.


Mixdown Music’s monthly subscription starts from $19.95/month to 59.99/month and charges $24.95 per track.

If you are a professional filmmaker, advertiser, creator, radio producer, or YouTuber and you want your video’s music & sound to be unique and premium, Mixdown Music is perfect for you.

4. Audio Jungle

Audio Jungle by Envato

Audio Jungle is part of Envato Elements, where you can find almost all kinds of graphics assets, stock videos and images, website themes, royalty-free music, and many more. It is one of the most popular sources of premium royalty-free transition music and sound effects. It has a vast music and sound effects library.

In Audio Jungle, you can find all kinds of high-quality music for your YouTube videos, funny transition music, cinematic transition sound effects, and many more.


The pricing structure of Audio Jungle starts from $16.50 per month, where you get access to unlimited downloads of all kinds of assets more than music and sound effects on Envato Elements. However, if you want to buy a single track, it will cost you $29 per track.

Audio Jungle is best for its massive library and the affordable price. It is the right choice for you if you are looking for inexpensive music and sound.

5. Artlist


From transition music for YouTube videos to high-quality music and sound effects for commercial videos, Artlist has them all. Their music and sound effects are also used by some big companies like Nike, Wix, Netflix, Google, Mercedes, Adobe, etc.

I like the website’s interface. It’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate the things on the website; however, I’m not too fond of the pricing structure. It’s like they’re saying, “We provide options but you have to buy the most expensive plan anyway.”


The pricing of Artlsit is a little different from the others on the list. If you pay $12.41 per month, you can use only the SFX. You can use only the music if you spend $16.60 per month, and if you pay $25 per month, you can use both the music and sound effects. They provide 14 days free trial.

Artlist is perfect for you if you are looking for affordable and average quality transition SFX and music.

6. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound has them all, from transition sound effects for YouTube videos to high-quality music for commercial videos. The best thing about Epidemic Sound is that it provides you 30-days free trial, and it has a vast library.


They have the most complicated price structure. The 3 packages are Personal, Commercial, and Enterprise. The Personal Package costs $15 per month and $144 per year. The Commercial Package costs $49 per month and 299 for a year, and the Enterprise Package starts from $500 per month. In the Enterprise Package, you can customize it as per your requirement.

Epidemic Sound is useful if you plan to use it forever because their licensing is different. The licensing expires if your Epidemic Sound’s subscription expires. You cannot use their music or sound effects if your subscription gets expired even if you have downloaded them while the subscription was not expired.

7. Motion Array

Motion Array – Video Templates, Royalty-Free Music, Stock Video, And More

Motion array is a website where you can find all kinds of video or film making assets like video templates, plugins, stock videos, royalty-free music & SFX, and more. Even though its audio library is small, it provides almost all the assets you need to create a high-quality video.

If you use Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro, you will have many benefits with Motion Array’s subscription because they are Adobe Exchange Partner.


Their pricing structure is straightforward. They provide a free plan, but the features are minimal. Other than that, they have two plans, which are Monthly and Annual. The Monthly Plan costs $29.99/month, and the Annual Plan costs $249.99/year.

Motion Array is best if you want everything you need to create a video on a single platform. It provides almost everything a video maker needs.

8. Audioflow

Audio Flow by Vidello Limited

Audioflow is the most affordable source of royalty-free music and SFX among the list. The quality of the music and sound effect is excellent; however, its library has only 200+ tracks.

It has all kinds of tracks like happy & upbeat, stomp, indie, ukulele, rock, cinematic, logo ident, funk, etc. You can record your voice-over in Audioflow and has a multi-language text-to-speech generator as well.


Audioflow’s has two packages which are one-time payment. They are Personal Licence – $37 and Commercial Licence – $57.

Audioflow’s has two packages, which are a one-time payment. They are Personal Licence – $37 and Commercial Licence – $57.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, PremiumBeat is the most premium one among the list. I would recommend it if you don’t want to compromise the quality and originality of the music or sound effects. However, if you think PremiumBeat’s price is too high for you and still want the quality close to it, you can consider others on the list.

I hope this article helped you to choose the right one for your next project. So, which one fits best for you and which one is your least favorite? Let us know in the comment below.

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